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Journey: A Public Art Installation in Downtown Syracuse

Posted in Journey Installation by Misha on September 20, 2012

Please come and visit my installation in downtown Syracuse! It is in a memorial park across the street from the court house and cathedral. Here is the google maps location of where it is. The installation is open Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5pm until October 28th.

Toiletponics featured in the Journey installation photograph by Jay Muhlin

Toiletponics featured in the Journey installation photograph by Jay Muhlin

This multi-cultural ship beckons you to explore broken and reinvented models of existence. The work’s location in Columbus Circle invites a comparison of flows of goods & ideas vs. the flow of people. Who could have journeyed in this vessel and where did they come from? Could we reuse this vessel to escape back to a totally unknown place? What kind of opportunities will we find there?

We are dealing with a “flush away”culture. We flush our once cherished pet fish down the toilet and forget about it. But where does our waste end up? The entry-point and center-piece of the work is Toiletponics. The recirculating water-based food toilet farm collapses realms of life severed by ideology into a single alchemical system. The epic quest of the historical alchemist is re-imagined as the transmutation of waste into food. The nitrogen cycle is packaged and tuned to resonate with the circular story arc of classic East and West epics (ranging from the The Wizard of Oz to the Journey to the West). The beauty of infinite rediscovery confronts the futility of eternal return in an aesthetic knot joining the natural and cultural ecologies.

Visitors are not required to confront the death of Nature, nor embrace the birth of Ecology, but they are invited to walk through the door.

A note on the fish:
The tilapia featured here was donated from a science experiment where it was slated for destruction. Great care is being taken to ensure a positive experience for the fish.

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Many thanks to the people who made this possible:

  • Michael Amadori
  • John Hollis Allison
  • Lauren Boldon
  • Howard Druckman
  • Zach Dunn
  • Caitlin Foley
  • Michael Giannattasio
  • Neil Hueber
  • Hydroponic Shops of America
  • Aaron Moss
  • Jay Muhlin
  • Jamie O’Hern
  • Chris Prior
  • Tonja Torgerson
  • College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University
  • Timothy Westbrook

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  1. Zebb1991 said, on September 26, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    I see the whole country modifying the toilets as shown.
    People will fly out of their cabins, getting fun…
    Even the imagination of the event gets me out of blue.

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