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Deerhoof Clacks Across the Web

Posted in Uncategorized by Misha on December 13, 2012

Velidoxi.com Masters From Their Day: Deerhoof

My around-the-block neighbor in Syracuse was Elias Gwinn, but he recently moved away to NYC. When he was here we arranged a barter where I worked on his websites and he recorded some of my songs. I set up his Velidoxi blog, and moved Masters From Their Day project to a new host. He was talking about starting up MFTD again from the city, and going to work with good bands.

I was surprised and psyched when the Deerhoof episode video of Masters from their Day came out. My current neighbor upstairs got the vynil release of this song which was recorded during the episode. I saw on the Velidoxi site that Elias directed the music video for one of the album tracks on the new album, which I missed in September but am now digging on.

I remember seeing Deerhoof live about four years ago. Here is a video of the encore “Basketball” from that show. The recording is not terrible, though that phone was soon stolen from me at gunpoint. Just glad I got that video off of it.

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