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Star Wars: Most Boring VS Most Surprising Moments

Posted in Projects, SoYummy by Misha on October 29, 2010
StareWars: Most Boring vs. Most Interesting Patches of the Trilogy

The x (horizontal) axis is time. Time is skewed to show relative time spent processing summary image candidates for each part of the trilogy. Two summary frames are shown representing the most boring and the most exciting sections. The thin purple vertical lines are most surprising frames kept for the final 40 image summary.

Previously, I showed computer generated summaries of the Star Wars Trilogy. Using data from the last session (40 image summary) I created an info graphic to represent the most boring and the most surprising patches in the Trilogy.

As the software churned on these films, it kept choosing summary images while updating its vocabulary file (used for comparison of the images). In the process, some of these initially picked images were discarded to make room for even more surprising images in the final set of 40. At the end, we ended up with the 40 most surprising images.

Surprise score of an image already in the summary is defined as its distance from other images in the summary. We can define the threshold for picking an image as either the minimum summary score, or the mean summary score.

– Yogesh Girdhar

Some other ways to describe the rules of surprise are:

  • Our final kept set of stills are most unlike all other chosen candidate stills.
  • We pick the most common and the most rare stills.
  • We pick stills such that if we view the picked stills, we won’t be surprised by any of the other stills.

At the end of the 40 image summary run, I had enough data to ballpark where most of the initially picked candidate images came from and also which of them made it into the final summary. In general, it seems that Empire Strikes back Darth Vader fighting scenes are the most surprising to the software, while the first movie contains the least noteworthy patch. This least significant boring section is mostly the middle section of the first movie: robots wandering around in the desert.

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