Massive motion capture game for SIGGRAPH

In 2004 I was invited to join the team at NYU Movement Lab as a game designer and developer to collaborate on Squidball. Squidball is an interactive game designed to be played by a 4,000 person audience. The game debuted on August 12th, 2004, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Check out the making-of video at the Crowd2Cloud page. Check out the paper here.

Squidball In Action Virtual targets hanging above the audience disappearing only when hit by one of the balls. The audience must clear all the targets before the timer runs out. During the final level special targets linger finally the dots connect into an iconic teapot!

Squidball In Action To actually watch SIGGRAPH's Electronic Theater screening, each audience group had to make it through each of the three levels before the timer ran out!

Squidball In Action Some audiences had to repeat levels but each group finally won the game through team-based coordination of the helium filled weather balloons.

Video by Kevin Feeley